Whatpulse Widget for WordPress

The Whatpulse widget for WordPress is a handy plugin for WordPress which allows you to display either your individual or team (or both) statistics on your Whatpulse blog. All you need to know is your Whatpulse ID and you’re good to go, simply select which statistics you want to appear.

Current Version:

Version 1.0

Older Versions

* Version 0.3 and previous will no longer work due to a change in the Whatpulse API

Version 0.4
Version 0.3
Version 0.2
Version 0.1



  • Flags now display next to users Country
  • Widget format changed
  • Ranks added for Individual Statistics
  • Ranks added for Team Statistics
  • Can now display Computer profiles (one or multiple)
  • Following Statistcs have been added:
  • Download / Upload (in GB) statistic added
  • Uptime Statistic added
  • Ranks (re)added
  • Rank statistics for Total Keys, Clicks, Uploaded, Downloaded and Uptime


  • Plugin updated to work with new API
  • Miles option removed since it appears to be depreciated
  • Rank options temporarily removed until a permanent fix is in place


  • All statistics now displayed in correct order
  • Homepage is now an active link instead of just a typed URL


  • Fixed team statistics


  • Initial release

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