VBoxIndicator 0.3

I won’t discuss here what VBoxIndicator is, if you want to know then click here or take a look on the Software page.

If you already know what it is then you’ll be happy to know that we’re now up to Version 0.3 which includes some nice new features, and some slightly more minor improvements.

What’s New?

  • Virtual Machines can now be paused and resumed
  • Paused Virtual Machines now have their own section of menu space
  • Settings can be added on a per VM basis, such as IP address, Username and Password – which allows us to:
  • SSH Into Virtual Machines
  • RDP Into Virtual Machines

What’s Improved?

  • The one single error message this application has, has been updated to be slightly more helpfull.
  • New icons

Anyone who’s had to play with the installation script in Version 0.2 will be happy to hear you can now download a .deb package and install by simply typing the following into a terminal.

sudo dpkg -i Virtual-Box_0.3_all.deb

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